Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When fandoms collide at the auto show

I concluded Finally, the last night of 2012 Dream Cruise by looking forward to the next major automotive event here in Detroit.
That takes care of last year's Dream Cruise, just in time for the 2013 North American International Auto Show to start.  Watch for coverage of that event to start next week.
NAIAS began yesterday, so there is already a lot of news and video clips, which means I'm behind on covering it.  I should post clips and items in chronological order.  Instead, I'm starting with three clips from WXYZ that caught my eye today on my YouTube feed.  All of them illustrate the idea of "when fandoms collide."

First, WXYZ interviewed Duo de Luna, a pair of trapeze artists who are at NAIAS to promote VIA Motors, which makes electric cars.

Then, as promised, WXYZ showed their performance.

And yes, he actually said "electify the crowd"--appropriate for entertainers there to attract attention to electric vehicles.

What car company's name rhymes with Via?  Kia!  The manufacturers of my car found another way to attract attention.  The Korean car company licensed DC Comics' characters to brand some of its concept cars.

Batman and Green Lantern might consider themselves a step up from a bunch of hip-hop hamsters.

Then again, the superheroes might be wrong about that.


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