Monday, January 14, 2013

Hurricane Issac from Accuweather plus bonus gas price rollercoaster

2012 in Review: Hurricane Isaac

As we look back over 2012, we remember some of the top memorable weather moments. One of those historic times in weather was Isaac. Valerie Smock recaps.
I wrote about Hurricane Issac twice last year, although the first time was a cop-out.
I know that there are two major news stories breaking, the Republican National Convention and Hurricane Issac, which become intertwined last week when Republicans cancelled the first day of their convention because of the passing storm, but I'm not up to examining either in any detail right now.
Considering that the GOP convention didn't go as well as the Democrats' with the highlight being an old man yelling at a chair, it's probably just as well the convention was a day shorter.

The second time was more direct as I discussed the storm's effect on gas prices.
Then, last Wednesday, all the stations in the area displayed prices of $3.99. You can thank a combination of Hurricane Issac closing refineries in the Gulf, a refinery fire elsewhere, and the Labor Day weekend.
That reminds me; I haven't updated the situation with gas prices yet this year.  Time to correct that.

Since the final update of 2012, prices have been bouncing around, but have remained above last year's low.  The prices rose from $3.18 up to $3.35, down to $3.29, then inched lower to $3.28, all during the final week of 2013.  The corner station then raised its price to $3.39 over New Years, while the stations down the block remained at $3.25.  Of course, that didn't last, as the corner station matched their price while the rest held steady.  That happened a week ago.  Today, the corner station dropped to $3.23, the low for the year so far.  That's not the lowest price I've seen in 2013.  Last Tuesday, the stations in Novi were selling regular at $3.19.  No wonder the price here is falling.

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