Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crazy Eddie at the Movies 1--"Skyfall" vs. "The Hunger Games"

I mentioned music and movies overlapping in James Bond's car at NAIAS, which I concluded with a programming note.
I have more on James Bond, or at least his latest cinema chanteuse Adele, along with other songs from films on topic for this blog, in a future entry.  Stay tuned.
So what am I following that programming note with?  Another programming note, this time from the comments of Kunstler's blog, which I actually posted before I posted yesterday's entry.
I haven't blogged about this past year's award nominated movies yet, but I will. One of them is about a Detroiter, "Searching for Sugar Man." Other than that, most of the films don't have either a local or a sustainbility focus. The best bet would be "Chasing Ice," which was nominated for its song. Good luck winning that against Adele's "Skyfall."
Here's a bit of a preview of how that matchup might go from the Golden Globes, courtesy of NBC.

Best Original Song - Motion Picture: "Skyfall" - Golden Globe Awards

Adele accepts the award for Best Original Song for "Skyfall."

I hope she's this fun when she accepts the best original song at the Oscars.  Also, I had no idea until I saw Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz together in the audience that they were together, let alone married.

As you can see, the song from "Chasing Ice" didn't make the nomination list for the Golden Globes, but a song from another movie I've written about here, "The Hunger Games," did.  I have to say that when I watched that film, "Safe & Sound" didn't make an impression on me, even though I'd read about it.  On the other hand, "Skyfall" gave me the chills, and that was even before I saw it accompanying the opening sequence.  On that basis alone, it deserved the award.

On that note, here's Adele's official music video.

I'll be back later with a listing of the songs nominated for best original song for the Oscars, which shares only "Skyfall" and "Suddenly" from Les Miserables with those nominated for the Golden Globes.  Right now, I don't have any more energy.

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