Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wild fires of 2012 from Accuweather

What subject would most logically follow droughtWildfires

Thousands of acres were burned in 2012 due to wildfires. While they are not uncommon, it was an impressive year of blazes. Valerie Smock has more.
I mentioned last year's drought-caused blazes at least twice.  None of those stories were local.  Instead, last year's local fire story happened in an abandoned bakery.  Good thing it was vacant.
Fortunately, ... the operations moved elsewhere, so all the people who wanted bumpy cakes could still get one.
And they still can, unlike Twinkies, for the time being, as I saw some Bumpy Cakes on sale yesterday.

Stay tuned for videos about last summer's derecho and two hurricanes.

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