Friday, January 25, 2013 article on Mark Brewer and MDP convention

I was orginally going to next month's convention of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) to see who was interested in running against Tim Walberg, but it looks like I have another reason to attend.

Mark Brewer supported a UAW protest of a Romney campaign event in 2011. The UAW has withdrawn its support of Brewer.
Credit: Dwight Burdette, Wikipedia
Brewer to address Washtenaw County Democrats in fight for chairmanship
Normally, tomorrow's meeting of the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Executive Committee at Morris Hall in Pittsfield Township would be fairly routine.  Precinct delegates, elected officials, and nominees on last November's ballot for partisan office will show up, have their credentials checked, select members of the Executive Committee, and elect officers for this year.

Even the appearance of Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer at the meeting, as reported by Chris Savage at Eclectablog today, would be an expected event.  Brewer will give a report on how the election went, decry the actions of the Republicans in Lansing, and give a pep talk to the delegates about 2014.

All of that will still happen, but Brewer's visit will take on added significance, as he is facing the most serious challenge to his chairmanship in the eighteen years he has held it.  He is expected to face a fight for his office at next month's State Convention of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP), and he will need every delegate he can convince to re-elect him.
Brewer's fate will be decided by delegates to the MDP State Convention at Cobo Hall in Detroit on Saturday, February 23rd.  Potential delegates have until close of business today to renew their membership in the party in time to participate in the historic vote to keep or replace Brewer.
More at the link in the headline.

Brewer is in this fix because he pissed off the UAW and Teamsters over what they saw as insuffient support for Proposal 2, which failed and led to Right-to-Work (for less).  This has split the coalition of labor unions at the core of the MDP, with the MEA and MFT supporting Brewer.  I'm a member of the MEA, but I'm open to someone better.  The problem is that the UAW hasn't found anyone yet, better or not.

In any event, I'm going.  I already renewed my membership and bought my wife one as well.  I think the convention will be worth every penny I spend on it.

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