Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crazy Eddie at the Movies 3--"Searching for Sugar Man" favored to win an Oscar

Last night, my wife and I watched "Skyfall," an experience that deserves a post of its own.  However, that's not what tonight's entry is about.  Instead, it's about "Searching for Sugar Man."  According to the BBC, this film about Detroit singer Sixto Rodriguez is favored to win Best Documentary Feature.  Here's the YouTube copy of the BBC video.

Searching for Sugar Man, a film chronicling the life of the American musician Rodriguez, is seen by many Oscars odds makers as the favourite to win the best documentary feature award, having already won in the same category at the Baftas.

Although Rodriguez had a huge following in apartheid-era South Africa, few knew of his music in his native US.

Now that has all changed with the film's success and Oscar nomination.
WXYZ has its own segment on the film featuring more of Sixto's commentary, a follow-up to an earlier report.

The film has already won the BAFTA for best documentary, so it's no surprise that the BBC thinks its a favorite.  That alone would not bolster my confidence, none of its competitors for the BAFTA award are contending for the Oscar.   What makes me more confident is that the film's director won the Directors Guild of America award for best direction of a documentary, where it was up against two of the four competitors for the Oscar, including "How to Survive a Plague," the documentary about the AIDS activist organization ACT-UP.  The title alone makes the latter film a worthy topic for this blog, although it will have to take its turn after "Skyfall."

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