Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day gifts from GeekBeatTV

I've been very busy with the sex part of this month's theme of love & sex, but not enough about love, or mindless consumerism, for that matter.  GeekBeatTV rides to the rescue with this silly video full of stupid and generally worthless but funny gift ideas.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner - what are you gonna do??? Don't panic, we've got some ideas to please your sweetheart, while staying true to your inner geek.
The best I can say about these that a lot of them do no worse than wasting pixels and money, not any serious physical resources.  Otherwise, they're good for nothing but a laugh, sometimes at the buyer's expense.  A fake girlfriend posting to your Facebook page?  Pathetic.  Seriously, it's bad when the most useful product is the service sponsoring the video.

I'll have a serious post later today, as yesterday was a very busy news day for sustainability.  Right now, I'll leave you all with this image from an earlier Nablopomo theme.

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