Saturday, February 2, 2013

The groundhogs think we'll have an early spring after all

It looks like my Groundhog Day prediction was wrong.
I expect both Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck will agree that we'll get six more weeks of winter.
They agreed, all right, along with Woody in Howell, but none of them agreed with me.  Instead, all of them forecast an early spring.  So much for my prognoticating power.

So, what do the real meteorologists at the Weather Channel think about all this?  Surprisingly, they agree.

Was Punxsutawney Phil right, and spring will come early? Storm Specialist Dr. Greg Postel takes a look at The Weather Channel forecast for the rest of winter.
So the people who use science agree with the ones using folk magic that spring will come early with the bulk of the country (although not the parts with the three woodchucks I listed) having a warmer than average February and nearly all the country, including Michigan, having a warmer than average March.

Maybe next time, I'll look at the long-term forecast before I make a prediction about the weather.  I'm sure that's what the groundhog handlers did.

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