Friday, February 22, 2013

Gas price rollercoaster returns to $4 level

In Up like a rocket again, I concluded my intro with an example of ignorance is bliss.
$4.00/gallon gasoline?  I haven't seen that, but I haven't left the house yet.
That was only a few days ago, but I have seen gas at that price, although not nearby.  The corner station is still selling regular for $3.85, as are the three stations a few blocks away.  I should consider myself and my neighbors lucky.

WXYZ thinks the February price rise will be an annual event and summarizes the causes.

I'm afraid WXYZ is right, as this annual pattern is one that existed before the 2005-2008 surge in prices; it just happened later, usually in March.  The good news is that they expect the price to drop by April, then rise again by Memorial Day.  I'll keep all of you readers posted.

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