Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Halfway through winter, WXYZ's winter forecast holding up

Last October, I found support for my expectations for winter from WXYZ.
My students have already started asking me what I think of the upcoming winter's snowfall. I've been telling them it will be colder and snowier than last year, but snowfall will be no more than average and probably less. Looks like I got lucky, as the local experts are calling for 35-39 inches of snow, which is less than the average of 42 inches. Just the same, after last winter, even a slightly below average snowfall will seem like a lot of snow.
I haven't seen confirmation for this long-range forecast from WXYZ, but WNWO chimed in the day before yesterday with Snow removal companies running out of time.

A second consecutive winter of less than average snowfall has shuttered a handful of snow removal companies in the Toledo area.
Colder than last year?  Check.  Lower than average snowfall?  Check.  Now all the forecast needs is an early spring to ensure it comes true while still consistent with a warming climate.

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