Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yesterday was a snow day

Thursday evening, I expressed my dread about Friday's weather.
I'm not looking forward to this, as I'm supposed to be at a meeting of all full-time faculty tomorrow afternoon.  Personally, I wouldn't mind if it were cancelled.
I got my wish, at least in terms of not driving in the aftermath of the storm, as the college closed.  In a way, it was too bad.  While I was dreading the drive, I was looking forward to being fed and enjoying the company of my colleagues.  Instead, I got a snow day, like nearly all the rest of the students and teachers in the area.  The grade-school kids in the suburbs were sledding, as WXYZ reported.

As for me, I stayed home with my wife, where we played Rift.  It was a good excuse not to blog or pay attention to the world's problems.  It was also a good way to do something I enjoy with someone I love.

Follow over the jump for stories about people who didn't enjoy the disruption of Winter Storm Nemo as much as the kids above or my wife and I did.*

No blizzard story would be complete without a story like this: Waterford man dies shoveling snow.

I'm glad that wasn't me.

People couldn't even escape from the weather as WXYZ reported that thousands of flights were cancelled at Detroit Metro Airport.

All of that is bad, but I had some perspective in my previous post on the subject.
Just the same, Detroit is getting off lightly... Boston and New York are going to get clobbered with full-blown blizzards.
What will be a nuisance here will be a major threat there.  I wouldn't have to worry about work being cancelled in Boston.  The whole coast from New Jersey up to Maine will be almost entirely shut down by tomorrow afternoon.
WXYZ even had a report on that part of the story in northeast blizzard.

Maybe The Weather Channel was right to sound the alarm, even though it made Caity Weaver at Gawker laugh at them in Snow Panic Has Driven Completely Insane.  Yeah, crazy like a fox, if not Fox News.  Bad weather drives up their ratings.

*That's not an official name, just a Weather Channel one, as Gizmodo points out that The National Weather Service Refuses to Acknowledge Dumb Winter Storm Names.

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