Friday, February 8, 2013

Proposed gas tax hike with bonus gas price rollercoaster

It's no secret that Michigan's roads need to be maintained better.  To that end, Governor Snyder has proposed increases in both gas taxes and vehicle registration fees.  Imagine that, a Republican in favor of increasing government services and raising taxes to pay for them.  Better yet, he was brave enough to appear on WXYZ to sell his ideas.

Governor Rick Snyder speaks on 7 Action News following his budget proposal.
Governor Snyder averages one thing I approve of every year.  Last year, it was the new Detroit-Windsor bridge.  This year, it's this proposal to fund road construction, even if it will raise my taxes.  Too bad for Snyder it's only February.  I shouldn't be too hard on him, as he just gave me another reason to buy a bicycle and start cycling to work.  I need the motivation.

Unfortunately for a lot of people, a higher gas tax will increase the price of fuel when it is already going up.  Speaking of which, it's time for an update on the local gas war.  Only three days ago, I predicted what would happen next.
Just the same, my forecast for rising prices still looks good, as all the stations raised their prices to $3.55 today.  It's only four cents to my predicted $3.59.  I bet they can reach that by Friday.
They reached it yesterday morning, when I drove by the three stations a few blocks away and all of them displayed $3.59 for regular while the corner station was still at $3.55.  By this afternoon, the corner station decided to see them and raise them, with a price of $3.79.  I think that will last until Monday morning, when everyone will start moving to $3.69.  Watch, they'll do it by Sunday.

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