Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mark Brewer continues his campaign for MDP Chair

In Examiner.com article on Mark Brewer and MDP convention, I described how the conflict over who will be the next Michigan Democratic Party Chair gave me an extra incentive to attend the Michigan Democratic Party's convention this month.  At the time, there was no opponent.
This has split the coalition of labor unions at the core of the MDP, with the MEA and MFT supporting Brewer.  I'm a member of the MEA, but I'm open to someone better.  The problem is that the UAW hasn't found anyone yet, better or not.
Since I wrote that, Mark Brewer has picked up an actual opponent, Lon Johnson, and not merely the disapproval of the UAW and Teamsters.  In fact, the two faced off at the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Executive Committee last Saturday, as reported by Chris Savage at Eclectablog.
Yesterday, the Ann Arbor Dems held their monthly meeting and it featured a powerhouse line-up. In addition to Dr. John Callewaert, a University of Michigan professor who spoke for nearly 30 minutes on hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Michigan, the meeting attendees heard from Dean of the U.S. House of Representatives Congressman John Dingell, President of the Michigan State Board of Education John Austin, and local State House Representatives Jeff Irwin and Adam Zemke.

The highlight of the day, however, was appearances by both Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) Chair Mark Brewer and his opponent in the upcoming election for MDP Chair, Lon Johnson. The event was extremely well-run by Ann Arbor Dems chair Mike Henry and in the overflow crowd of around 250 people was nearly every elected official from the Ann Arbor area. It was, without question, the biggest political event in Washtenaw County since the election last November.
This won't be the only joint appearance by these two before the convention.  Tonight, they, along with John Austin, who is exploring a run for the Democratic nomination for Governor, are addressing the Oakland County Democratic Party Executive Committee.  I plan on being there.  As I wrote in January about the convention:
In any event, I'm going.  I already renewed my membership and bought my wife one as well.  I think the convention will be worth every penny I spend on it.
I'll have an update later.

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