Saturday, February 9, 2013

Videos about the Super Bowl blackout

I got my wish.
I've only seen Escape on my blog once, commenting on Matt Taibbi and Mike Lofgren are on the same page about the global rich.  I wouldn't mind him commenting more.
He showed up in comments to this entry and to sex in space.  I should really answer him directly, about the blackout.  Instead, I'm going to phone it in for now and post some video responses.  First, the Associated Press has a straightforward report in Super Bowl Outage Traced to Faulty Device.

The Superdome's power company took the blame Friday for the Super Bowl blackout, saying the cause was a faulty device that had been installed in its switching gear to prevent a failure of electric cables leading to the stadium.
Discovery News used it as an opportunity to muse about our infrastructure in Big Game Blackout: The Power Grid Explained.

If the blackout during the Big Game taught us one thing, it's to appreciate electricity. But what goes into delivering our power? And how does it get from power plants to our homes and offices? As Trace tells us, it's a whole lot more complicated than you think.
Finally, GeekBeatTV just rolled their eyes at it in Tech of the Super Bowl.

We saw a failure of technology when half the lights went out at the Super Bowl, but the successes, like Wi-Fi for 30,000 users, and more second-screen viewers than ever before are pretty impressive.
They were much more interested in the tech successes than in the one big failure.

I promise I'll get around to responding to Escape presently.

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