Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day weather and my prediction

It will be Groundhog Day when this entry posts,* which means it's time for augury based on a rodent's reaction to sunlight (or lack thereof).  Critical to the human interpretation of what a woodchuck sees is the actual weather.  Here is what WXYZ had to say about today's weather late yesterday afternoon.

Based on this forecast, I expect both Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck will agree that we'll get six more weeks of winter.  That's not what they did last Groundhog Day, when Punxsutawney Phil got it wrong by expecting more winter, while Staten Island Chuck joined by Woody the Woodchuck in Howell, Michigan, made the right call by predicting an early spring.

*I composed this entry early in the evening, so it would autopost while I'm playing Rift with my wife--an activity we enjoy with people we love.

This video shows the audio director and composer behind the game Rift: Planes of Telara and the influences in MMO audio direction.
Expecting Star Wars:The Old Republic?  Some other night.

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