Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The corner station backs into a victory in the gas war

When I last reported on the ride of the gas price rollercoaster, I predicted where it would go next.
I drove by the three stations a few blocks away and all of them displayed $3.59 for regular while the corner station was still at $3.55.  By this afternoon, the corner station decided to see them and raise them, with a price of $3.79.  I think that will last until Monday morning, when everyone will start moving to $3.69.  Watch, they'll do it by Sunday.
I was both wrong and right about that prediction, in that order.  By Saturday, all four stations matched their prices at $3.59, meaning that the corner station dropped by twenty cents while everyone else only raised theirs four.  Today, however, all the stations raised their prices to the level that the corner station had been testing for a couple of weeks.  The corner station is now at $3.76, while the other three are at $3.75.  Wow!

I'll let WXYZ explain what happened.

This is much better reporting on gas prices than I'm used to seeing from WXYZ.  Normally, WOOD-TV does a better job while getting the jump on WXYZ, but not this time.  WOOD-TV doesn't yet have a clip on this story yet.  Good job, WXYZ!

As for what will happen next, Julie Banovic has already offered an expert prediction and I agree with it.

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