Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes music nominees

The Golden Globe Awards are tonight, which means they are the subject of today's Sunday entertainment entries.  Yes, entries, because the awards are too big for one post.  I'll start today's coverage by reversing what I did last year, when I posted Golden Globes song nominees and winner during the ceremony, by beginning with the song and soundtrack nominees.  Since the theme of this blog is "sustainability with a science fiction slant," I begin with the music from science fiction and fantasy works.

For the third time in a row, the featured song from one of "The Hunger Games" movies has been nominated.  This time, it's Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde from "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1."

Unlike the past two songs from "The Hunger Games" movies, I like this one and think it both has a shot at winning and being nominated for an Oscar.  The previous two were popular, but inferior.  Whatever else I have to say about Lorde, inferior is not one of them.

The soundtrack from a science fiction movie was also nominated, Interstellar, music composed by Hans Zimmer.  Here's the main theme.

Oh, my, that's pretty--and original, too!*

Follow over the jump for the rest of the nominated songs and main titles from nominated soundtracks.

In alphabetical order, the first nominee for best song from a non-science-fiction film is Big Eyes by Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey is better than I expected, but in a battle with Lorde, she loses.

The second nominee is "Glory" by John Legend featuring Common from "Selma."

This is a good song, but it's not my favorite.  Just the same, it could win if "Selma" sweeps.  On that same note, it could earn an Oscar nomination if the songwriters go along with the rest of the academy.  BTW, notice the Ferguson reference in the first rap by Common.  That's a nice touch to make the sentiment current, but it could become dated.

Next, "Mercy Is" by Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye from "Noah."

The Kronos Quartet is accompanying Smith.  They're all great musicians, but the song failed the memory and repeatability tests. I couldn't remember any of the lyrics and didn't want to play the song again.  I'll be surprised if it's nominated for an Oscar.

The final song is "Opportunity" by Sia from "Annie."

This is a good song, but the test is if it's better than the songs from the original musical.  They're tougher competition than the other nominees.

Now for the remainder of the nominated soundtracks.

In alphabetical order, Birdman by Antonio Sanchez.

Most of the rest of the soundtrack appears to be drumming and non-original songs, so I have a hard time seeing this winning.  In addition, the soundtrack was disqualified for the Oscars.  Too bad, as this comic-book movie qualifies as magical realism, a form of fantasy.

Next, one of my favorite rock songwriters turned film composer, Trent Reznor, who teamed up with Atticus Ross to compose the soundtrack for Gone Girl.

That's bleak, but very musical.  It probably won't win, but I'm sure it will be nominated for an Oscar.

Finally, music from two movies about scientists, which makes them fiction about science, if not actual science fiction.  The first of the two is Alexandre Desplat's score for The Imitation Game.

It may be Old news that Alan Turing was pardoned, but it's about time his story got told.  As for the music, I like it.  Desplat also composed the score for "The Grand Budapest Hotel," and he might get nominated for that instead or in addition to replace "Birdman."

The second movie about the life of a scientist is "The Theory of Everything," soundtrack by Johann Johannsson.

I like this, too, but I think the music for "The Imitation Game" is more substantive.  As for Hawking himself, he's another Crazy Eddie; of course I like him.

Stay tuned for more about science fiction, fantasy, and politics among the Golden Globes nominees.

*Zimmer is notorious for recycling themes.  A lot of "Gladiator" ended up in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, for example.  Before that, he and Lisa Gerard recycled a song from "The Insider" in "Gladiator."  So my comment isn't just snark.

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