Saturday, May 2, 2015

PR for Green cars: student sustainability video festival 34

Continuing on from Disappearing bees and Doctor Who: student sustainability video festival 33, two of my students presented talks on electric, hybrid, and other vehicles that attempt to be sustainable.  The video from the first talk was Ford's John Viera on the sustainability happenings at Ford [SB '13 interview] by Sustainable Brands.

Ford's John Viera talks about the range of products and initiatives the company is offering to advance customers' sustainable lifestyles. This interview took place on June 6, 2013, at the SB '13 conference in San Diego.
Viera and Ford impressed me.  He reminded me that I posted Earth Day Event at Detroit Institute for the Arts--a MacGuffin for examining Ford's sustainabilty report four years ago.  I was pleased enough with Ford's sustainability statement then that I included it in my lectures.  I plan on looking for more videos and news stories about Viera to include in future entries.  I also subscribed to Sustainable Brands YouTube channel.  They seem to be providing exactly the kind of content I want to watch.

Next, Tesla Motors provided the video for the second presentation, Monster Meets Model S.

After achieving a record nine career wins at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, renowned racer Nobuhiro 'Monster' Tajima gets behind the wheel of Model S for a test drive through the hills of Fremont, CA. Speaking briefly of his history in motor sports and why he is such a proponent of EV technology, Monster gives his impression of Model S and his desire to see Tesla succeed.
That was fun to watch, even if Tesla is a luxury product I'll never drive.  It still got the students' attention.

That concludes today's look at green corporate PR.  Stay tuned for the Monthly Meta and the Sunday entertainment entry, which might do double duty as an installment of the student sustainability video festival.

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