Saturday, May 30, 2015

A conversation about the TPP on BlogTalkRadio

Last month, I was n BlogTalkRadio for Earth Day,  where I talked with the host about the California drought and the unsustainability of California's water infrastructure to support the state's population, agriculture, and industry.  This month, I was on BlogTalkRadio again, where I participated in "Free Trade, Jobs and the TPP" a "Living Room Conversation" Coffee Party Radio.
Living Room Conversation on TPP

Here at the Coffee Party USA, we think it's time to have a civil and reasoned conversation on the Free Trade, Jobs and the TPP!

Join us on Thursday, May 28, at 8:30pm eastern time for a special Coffee Party radio show as we use the concepts of “Living Room Conversations” to have a respectful discussion around this controversial topic with special guests.
The Coffee Party Website has more in Living Room Conversations.
Living Room Conversations is a process that allows individuals to get to know one another in a more meaningful way - while also exploring a contested issue. Guided by a simple and sociable format, participants practice being open and curious about all perspectives, with a focus on learning from one another, rather than trying to debate the topic at hand.

Come learn about both the TPP and the Living Room Conversation process and discover a practical way to bring civility and reason back to our political discourse.
To listen to the program and hear me and other people from the Coffee Party talk about the TPP, click on either of the links, the second BlogTalkRadio link or the Coffee Party USA link.  My readers will get an earful for about an hour and 15 minutes.  I'd embed the audio here except that I can't seem to be able to find the embed code.

Two things came out of the conversation, one that made it into the program and one that didn't.  The one that did was a resolution to blog about the TPP here, something I hadn't done until now.  Consider this entry a down payment on that promise.  The one that didn't was a reason to support the TPP that I agree with--improving our position with regard to China.  The US and its allies need that, but I think this agreement isn't it.


  1. That both Rush Limbaugh and Elizabeth Warren are vocally opposed to it is all I need to know.

    1. I mentioned that very point in the show. You do have an influence.