Thursday, May 7, 2015

UAE announces Mars mission

This blog visited Iraq this morning.  This evening, it travels down the Gulf to report on the United Arab Emirates' announcement that it plans to launch a probe to Mars by 2020.  I have two video clips on the story.  First, GeoBeats News' United Arab Emirates Announces Details Of Upcoming Mission To Mars.

The United Arab Emirates is working on finalizing plans for its exploratory mission to the Red Planet, and the nation’s leader has revealed new details pertaining to it.
That report let the Emirati scientists and engineers through more-or-less unfiltered.  The Wall Street Journal puts more of an editorial spin on the story in U.A.E Unveils Details of Mars Mission.

Not content with building some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers, the United Arab Emirates has set its sights higher. It plans to construct and design an unmanned space probe that will orbit the Red Planet for up to four years.
With luck, this blog will still be around in five years to cover the mission.

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