Friday, May 1, 2015

A drum corps maypole in motion for May Day

Last year, I decided to put a unique spin on the holiday in Drum corps maypoles for May Day.
I couldn't decide how to reconcile the two meanings of May Day, the sanitized pagan festival of spring or the European Labor Day, so I decided to post something else that would be distinctly mine--drum corps maypoles.
One of the corps I featured was the 1979 Schaumberg Guardsmen, the photo of whom leads off this entry.  This year, I have something new to add, the video clip 1979 Guardsmen - “Greensleeves”.

Many know the melody to “Greensleeves” as the popular Christmas carol, “What Child is This?” The lyrics were written in 1865 by William Chatterton Dix for a poem titled, “The Chamber Throne.” The folk song melody was likely composed during the English Elizabethan era of the late 16th Century and in its original form had no connection to the Christmas season. Interestingly, the tune is better known in the United States than in Britain.

The Guardsmen performed the piece seven times; its second-year use in 1979 was regarded as one of the most beautiful moments of the season and helped the corps secure its highest placement ever at the DCI World Championships.
Nothing like seeing a maypole in motion.

With that, I wish my readers a Blessed Beltane and Happy May Day!

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