Monday, May 18, 2015

Bees and eagles--distressing biodiversity news from Michigan

I'm being a good environmentalist and recycling the opening to Environmental controversies from WXYZ: Deer culling and oil drilling.
In the spirit of Michigan transportation news from WXYZ, I'm continuing to showcase two local sustainainability stories on a common theme.
Today's common theme is bad biodiversity news that is prompting responses to correct the problems.  First, Doctor Who isn't the only one worried about disappearing bees as WOOD-TV reports Farmers help dying honey bee hives.

According to a new study, this past year honey bees experience the second biggest die off rate in nine years. (May 15, 2015)
Yes, colony collapse disorder strikes Michigan, too.  It also reinforces a fact I tell my students, that fruit crops require two hives per acre, and shows what steps bee keepers are taking to combat the problem.

Next, WXYZ has a clip about a biodiversity story that has more symbolic than practical importance, Bald Eagle found shot dead.

The DNR is searching for whoever shot and killed a Bald Eagle.
This is the second local story about Bald Eagles from WXYZ that I can share with my students.  The first was Bald Eagles in Monroe Michigan, which showed how many eagles winter at the DTE plant and how the waste heat from there can actually be useful.  This clip not only shows the reaction to the eagle being shot (pretty universal disapproval) but also cites the relevant laws.  I think that will be useful to pass along.

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