Friday, May 1, 2015

Disappearing bees and Doctor Who: student sustainability video festival 33

It's time to continue the series from Overpopulation: student sustainability video festival 32.   Tonight, I have two videos about colony collapse disorder.  First, the fiction, as The Twelfth Eleventh Doctor asks "What do you mean, the bees are disappearing?"

That was a hoot.  I'm surprised I hadn't heard about that plotline before.  It's certainly on-topic here.

Next, the fact, as WLFI reports on Decline in Honey Bees.

Compared to Doctor Who, the reality is kind of boring.  Too bad.

Stay tuned for more, as I wrote yesterday.
My students have provided me a bumper crop this semester, so expect high-quality video entries all the way up to Tuesday.  These will be on top of posts for Nablopomo, Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo, and the Revenge of the Sixth along with Entertainment Sunday and Monthly Meta for April.  Oh, and correcting final exams and calculating grades.  Looks like I'll be busy.
I think I'll combine Monthly Meta and Nablopomo this month.  I might also combine the entertainment entry and a student sustainability video festival entry.  I have enough videos to do that.

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