Friday, September 25, 2015

Blog recommendation: You Might Notice a Trend

Tonight, I'm going to do something I don't recall having done since I wrote Blog Recommendation: The Hipcrime Vocab--recommend a blog.  Then, it was Chad (yes, that's really his first name) AKA "escapefromwisconsin" who writes The Hipcrime Vocab.  This time, it's Paul Wartenberg of You Might Notice a Trend.  Both Chad and Paul reflect aspects of my blog, Chad the dark (but not evil) side of my interests, employment, agriculture, energy, economy, politics, and collapse, and Paul the light side, including humor, pop culture, and politics, albeit from an more optimistic perspective than Chad.  Put the two of them together and the result would look a lot like me writing this blog.

I've been reading Paul's blog ever since I stumbled into him while doing the research for Drinks and drinking games for Donald Trump and the GOP debates.  I've since referenced his drinking games and provided the drinks to accompany them in a series of posts: Proof of drinking game concept on Kasich; Drinks for the candidates in tonight's debate; Debate drinking game rules for Carly Fiorina; Oops--Rick Perry drops out; Drink a Flaming Volcano for Jindal; and There's a Santorum cocktail, too.  Paul's reciprocated by linking to those entries and commenting on them as well as Drink to Deez Nuts for President.  Those should have been enough to get me to recommend his blog, but it wasn't.  It was Paul writing "all you seven readers of this blog."  True enough, he only has seven followers, and he's been writing his blog since 2006.  He really deserves more readers.  Therefore, I'm recommending my readers also read Paul's blog.

Here's to hoping the same thing will happen to Paul that happened to Chad.  When I recommended The Hipcrime Vocab three years ago, the blog had only ten followers.  Now, it has 118.  May Paul have at least 50 by the general election next year.  So, will you join me at You Might Notice a Trend?  Come for the drinking games, stay for the bumper stickers!


  1. Thank ye for the promotion!

    I do get a lot of readers, though. On occasion I get mentioned on the Mike's Blog Round Up on Crooks & Liars website, and the readership gets into the hundreds then.

    Some blog entries continue to get steady traffic. My article about the Port-O-San cleaner at the 1969 Woodstock festival always gets an uptick every August, and for some reason my blog on the Iran protests in 2009 went viral overseas (I get a lot of traffic from Japan on that). The GOP Drinking Game, though, THAT exploded, and a big reason for that was having you link to it, sensei.

    1. My pleasure. As for Mike's Blog Round Up mentions, do those happen when Infidel753 is in charge or when another blogger is? Infidel753 is the one who links to me at Crooks and Liars.

      Those are interesting choices for popular articles. I'll have to read them. As for the GOP Drinking Game, that was popular before I found it through Google.

    2. Batocchio started adding me a few years ago. MonkeyFister and Tengrain have picked up on me this year. Whoever is in the rotation that week, if I write something they like during that time, they add me to the MBRU at some point. It's a great boost to traffic. Without it I'd probably got around 300 views a month, with at least one link to C&L I get over 1000 that month sometimes more.

    3. Oh, and if you notice I have different logins, it's because I started on the blog under one login before Google bought out Blogspot and changed it to Blogger, when I had a Gmail account separate from the Blogspot one. Eh, makes it easier for me to check the blog when I'm in email mode.

    4. I must be a much more aggressive marketer of my blog than you. I've been at this less than five years and get more than 300 page views a day. Last month, I got almost 500 in a day and more than 14,000 for the month, a page for page views. You've been at this a lot longer and have fewer readers. Of course, you post less. I post at least once a day.

      As for the different logins, that explains it. thanks. I didn't get on Blogger until after Google bought it, so I only have the one.

    5. I also provide links on twitter sometimes, and I post on other heavy-traffic blogs like Balloon Juice that provides an extra tick or twelve in readership. I started the political blog in 2006, under a different name though. I've noticed the big-hit articles are the ones on very specific topics that few other blog about. I blog about Florida politics and every election cycle I post a review of the state amendment referendums, and apparently I'm the only one who does so I get all that traffic. If you can find a niche issue to write on, that would help your traffic up. That or penguins. Penguins are popular.

    6. I tweet links to all my posts. I also share all of them on Facebook. I even created a page for this blog there: Crazy Eddie's Motie News. I can get 100 page views per week by sharing links on doomer blogs. Lately, it's the Facebook shares and people linking to my blog from their blog thare are driving page views. I'm beginning to shift my tone and topics to accommodate these sources. Speaking of which, my niche slant is that I'm the only person who even pretends to be a doomer who has positive take on popular entertainment and even knows what drum and bugle corps are. Those posts have been pretty popular, especially the drum cops holiday entries.