Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Examiner.com article on Bernie Sanders in Ypsilanti

Bernie Sanders addressed a near-capacity crowd at Eastern Michigan University's Convocation Center as he campaigned in Michigan.
Bill Pugiliano/Getty Images.
I promised that I'd write an article about Bernie Sanders' visit for Examiner.com in Sanders and Kasich campaigning in Michigan on Presidents Day and I lived up to the promise with Sanders greeted by packed house in Ypsilanti.
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont addressed a near-capacity crowd in Ypsilanti today.  The Washington Post estimated that more than 9,400 filled the Convocation Center at Eastern Michigan University on Monday afternoon.  In contrast, when neurosurgeon and Detroit native Ben Carson spoke in the same venue during a December visit, the Eastern Echo reported the audience for his campaign appearance numbered about 200.

During an hour-long speech, Sanders expounded on the themes of his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.  In addition to income inequality, which he would solve in part with a fifteen dollar minimum wage, and protection of the environment, he emphasized campaign finance reform as necessary for empowering average Americans over what he called the billionaire class.

“The issue that we’re dealing with now: whether or not we’re going to have a government which represents all of the people of our country or whether we’re going to have a government owned and controlled by wealthy contributors,” Sanders was quoted by the Detroit Free Press. “We have a corrupt campaign finance system which is undermining American democracy. We have a system in which a small number of people are making huge campaign contributions."

He continued with the theme, telling the assembled students “You are the future of the country. You’re not going to stand aside while a handful of campaign contributors determine the future.”
More quotes from Sanders on topics including free public college tuition, climate change, and the Flint water crisis.  In addition, I included the following video from WXYZ: Bernie Sanders speaks to thousands at Eastern Michigan University.

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was in Michigan today speaking at Eastern Michigan University.
Feel the Bern!

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