Wednesday, February 24, 2016 article on Winter Storm Petros

National Weather Service map of Winter Storm Petros in Michigan
The National Weather Service predicted that up to an foot of snow would fall on Detroit Wednesday and Thursday.
NOAA/National Weather Service (public domain)
Winter Storm Petros predicted to cover Detroit's suburbs with heavy snow
At 3:33 P.M. Tuesday, the National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for Washtenaw, Livingston, Oakland, and Macomb counties.  It also issued a winter weather advisory for Wayne County.  These superseded a winter storm watch issued Monday.
The storm, which the Weather Channel dubbed Winter Storm Petros, will drop between eight inches and one foot of snow in Livingston County, most of Oakland County, and the northern parts of Macomb County by the time the system leaves Michigan for Canada on Thursday.  The southeastern corner of Oakland County and the southern portion of Macomb County could see between six and eight inches during the same time.

Wayne County will likely experience two episodes of snowfall, the first between two and five inches during the day on Wednesday and the second between one and three inches Wednesday night into Thursday morning.  In between, the temperature will rise above freezing, so the snow will be replaced by rain.
Details at the link, including a Weather Channel video about the storm.  I can't embed it here (nor would I want to, as I want my readers to watch it at, but I can embed the following video from WOOD-TV: Winter Storm Warning: Heavy, wet snow expected.

A significant storm system will bring heavy, wet snow to West Michigan starting Wednesday. (Feb. 23, 2016)
I expect to have a snow day on Thursday.  Since I'll be on break next week and don't have work on Friday, that would start my vacation a couple of days early.  Let it snow!

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