Monday, February 1, 2016

Theme for February 2016: PASSION

Find Your Passion with February's BlogHer Writing Lab
So what is the BlogHer Writing Lab theme this month?


February is dominated by Valentine's Day. If you're not in a relationship, it can be a difficult holiday to swallow, and even if you are in a relationship, it may be a day that brings more stress than its worth. Or, hey, maybe you love Valentine's Day and can't wait to tackle that box of truffles.

In any case, when I talk about passion, I'm talking about the ideas that get under your skin. What lights your fire? What makes you excited? What do you feel so strongly about that you would dedicate hours of your time or go out of your way to do?

If there isn't an answer on the tip of your tongue, there hopefully will be after you tackle the writing prompts this month.

Moreover, I'm giving double points to anyone who helps another Writing Lab member fulfill their passion this month. I want to hear those stories of bloggers helping bloggers, whether it's getting started learning a computer language, passing along recipes that inject new passion into a meal, or helping someone else fulfill their acting dream.

The Writing Lab will also be lighting a little flame underneath you and pushing you to complete a query challenge by the end of the month. If you're not already in the Facebook group head over there before that publication challenge begins.

The February BlogHer Writing Lab theme -- PASSION -- runs from February 1 until February 29. You can blog daily for a month, blog daily for a week, blog on random days throughout the month -- it's really up to you. There is no blogroll you need to join: just enter and exit the project based on your needs.
The BlogHer Writing Lab is what you make of it. At its core, it's about getting you writing. It's about helping you get your words ready once you've taken the time to write. And it's about helping you grow your space and take next steps.

So join the February BlogHer Writing Lab, and let's find your passion.
I don't have to find my passions.  I already have--writing about science, technology, environment, politics, education, and entertainment, especially if the subject of that entertainment speaks to one or more of my other passions.  Stay tuned for more on these topics, along with four fun holidays this month, Groundhog Day, Lunar New Year, Fat Tuesday, and Valentines Day, plus a bonus--Leap Year Day.  I love holidays!

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