Thursday, July 1, 2021

A happy drum corps Canada Day 2021!

Happy Canada Day! To celebrate the first of three patriotic holidays in July I observe on this blog, I am continuing a tradition I began five years ago with Canadian drum corps for Canada Day, showcasing units from the 1970s to the 2000s. I begin this celebration of Canadian drum corps with this year's pre-DCI featured corps, 1970 De La Salle Oaklands, Canadian National Champions.

Representing the first decade of the DCI era, I'm repeating a corps and year that I included in 2019's edition, but only had a slideshow, not a performance video, 1977 Seneca Optimists. Now I can share a full performance video thanks to the Toronto Optimists Alumni.

Recorded in Denver, CO, at Mile High Stadium on August 19, 1977

Follow over the jump for the rest of today's featured Canadian corps from the 1980s to the 21st Century.

Representing the 1980s, I present Dutch Boy Drum Corps - DCI 1989.

No compilation of Canadian drum corps is complete without both a Quebec corps and a senior corps and the 1993 Les Metropolitains are both to represent the 1990s.

Moving to the 2000s, if not exactly the 21st Century, here are the 2000 Kiwanis Kavaliers.

I might recycle this video for next year's drum corps May Day as it's one of the performances of "'Miss Saigon' by multiple corps" I mentioned then — that is, if it survives that long.

I conclude with "Momentum" 2013 Calgary Stampede Showband

Multi camera view of the Stampede Showband winning their 3rd world championship title with their 2013 field show "Momentum" in Chiba, Japan.
As I wrote two years ago, "While it's a band, it's at least a unit that competed at DCI during Championships Week." That's still true, even if this performance is not from DCI.

That's it for today, so "it's time to recycle San. It wouldn't be one of my Canada Day posts without her."


  1. I look forward to these every year. Thanks Vince.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you look forward to these posts and I always hope you respond. Thank you for your appreciative comment!