Friday, June 3, 2022

Trevor Noah examines gun violence

As I promised at the end of Samantha Bee reminds us that 'Congress Has the Power to Stop Mass Shootings' I'm continuing my series examining late-night talk show hosts looking at guns with clips from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I begin with Trevor Debunking Conservatives’ Excuses for Gun Violence.*

The latest wave of mass shootings in America has led Republican lawmakers to suggest solutions that involve everything but actual gun control.
As Trevor pointed out, it's not music, video games, not going to church, or too many doors that contribute to gun violence, but the number and access to guns, particularly weapons like the AR-15.

Trevor had the same guest that Seth Meyers did, Sen. Chris Murphy - Finding Common Ground on Gun Safety.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy shares details from the bipartisan gun reform conversations following the Uvalde shooting, discusses how the once unbreakable gun lobby is now losing steam, and explains why the current Senate rules have restricted action.
The good news is that Senators are talking across the aisle and that the formal gun lobby, particularly the NRA, has less power. The bad news is that the Senate rules are an impediment to getting things done, something Mitch McConnell, who prides himself on being the Grim Reaper for progressive legislation, takes advantage of. It doesn't help that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema won't vote to end the filibuster to removed the roadblock. As I wrote three years ago, "Ugh. It's enough to drive one to drink."

I close with a segment pointing out the ridiculousness of blaming too many doors for the shooting, America’s Door Problem & What Foreigners Think About the USA’s Mass Shootings.

How do we stop mass shootings in America? The answer is simple: fewer doors. Michael Kosta talks to foreigners about the real threat.
The tourists see this suggestion as silly, which it is.

*It was a good thing I wrote "probably finish this series" yesterday, as Samantha Bee uploaded videos about the NRA convention, which Jimmy Kimmel satirized, so I have at least one more post on this topic tomorrow. Stay tuned.


  1. 'Congress Has the Power to Stop Mass Shootings' Sure, if passed Universal Heathcare, a Basic Income Grant and ended the failed War on Drugs. But we all know that shit ain't gonna happen.

    1. And it has the power to do those things as well, but you're right, it won't as long a party representing people who would rather fill in public pools than allow everyone to swim in them can use the filibuster to prevent them from happening.