Wednesday, June 8, 2022

NOAA and Sir David Attenborough on World Oceans Day

Happy World Oceans Day! For this year's celebration, I'm pulling a video out of the archives, World Ocean Day (sic) from 2012 by NOAA's National Ocean Service.*

Celebrate World Ocean[s] Day with this video from NOAA's Ocean Today!
While I mentioned NOAA in my first World Oceans Day post nine years ago, I have not done so since. It's about time I featured a video from one of my former employers to observe today's holiday.

A decade later, most of the facts are the same in Our Blue Planet: We Depend on the Ocean. NOAA Is Working to Protect It. The tone of the video, uploaded on Earth Day 2022, is a lot more urgent.

With more than 70% of the earth’s surface covered by the ocean, one has to wonder who thought it was a good idea to name it Planet Earth! Explore the wonders of our blue planet in this fact packed one-minute watch.
That same urgency comes through in Sir David Attenborough's World Oceans Day Message, uploaded by Ocean Generation in 2020.

"The ocean is our life support system. If that system becomes dysfunctional, all living things on this planet will suffer"

On #WorldOceansDay Sir David Attenborough shares a message of HOPE

Join us in celebrating OUR OCEAN Water wave & how you can SAVE it
For more on this issue, surf over to PBS Digital's 'Be Smart' asks 'Can We Actually Clean Up the Plastic Pollution Problem?'

*NOAA pretty consistently calls today World Ocean Day, something I hadn't noticed until now. Maybe that's why I hadn't featured their videos for today.

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