Thursday, October 6, 2022

Trevor Noah asks 'Who Is Herschel Walker?'

I wrote about Dr. Oz's latest scandal in PBS NewsHour explains 'How Pennsylvania’s midterm races impact the future of politics'. Now it's time to examine the even bigger news about a U.S. Senate contest as "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" asks Who Is Herschel Walker?

Meet Herschel Walker: COVID conspiracy theorist, storyteller, and pro-life Republican.
I'd forgotten about Walker playing for the New Jersey Generals when Trump owned them, so the two do go way back. However, like Trump Vodka and Trump University, the New Jersey Generals folded along with the old USFL. Welcome to Everything Trump Touches Dies. Good thing he has nothing to do with the current incarnations of either the USFL or the New Jersey Generals. Those might live.

Trevor's point that politicians who complain about actions they claim to be morally questionable often turn out to be doing themselves reminds me of my favorite link to tweet, Projection is the Right's favorite defense mechanism. That has proven to be even more true during the past decade. Too bad their own hypocrisy doesn't seem to bother them or their voters. The flip side of that is that many times when they complain of liberal hypocrisy, they're not seeing an inconsistency between what liberals espouse and what they do, but what they think liberal ideals are. They expose that they don't really understand liberal principles at all. That deserves a good example, but that's a subject for another time.

What's not a subject for another time is why this contest matters. Watch FiveThirtyEight explain how Georgia Is The Key To Control Of The Senate.

In the Senate, tipping-point states are the states most likely to give the winning party control of the chamber. According to the Deluxe version of the FiveThirtyEight Senate forecast, the four likeliest tipping-point states in this year's midterms are Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Galen Druke uses the interactive model to go through the possible scenarios in each state.
Wow! Winning Georgia certainly makes a difference in both parties' odds of controlling the Senate! Despite Walker's issues, this contest is no laughing matter.

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