Sunday, October 1, 2023

'Super/Natural' wins Outstanding Promotional Announcement plus squirrel videos for Wester

Happy Wester, the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Autumnal Equinox, which has a squirrel for a mascot. That leads to today's topic, which I foreshadowed in 'Super/Natural,' 'Wildcat,' and other nature nominees at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards for International Tiger Day.
Super/Natural leads with four nominations, followed by Wildcat with three, while all the rest of the nominees have only the one nomination in this category. I'll examine the nominees' odds of winning this category and the others after sharing their trailers, beginning with Super Natural | Official Trailer | Disney+.
If you think you know nature, think again. Experience a realm beyond human perception in #SuperNaturalSeries, from executive producer James Cameron and National Geographic, and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.
This trailer is so good that earned its own nomination for Outstanding Promotional Announcement. Wow! Also, leave it to the voice of Doctor Strange, Khan Noonien Singh, and Sherlock Holmes to tell the show's viewers about superpowers. Those characters would know about abilities beyond those of normal humans. Speaking of which, I might find clips of flying squirrels from this show to share on Wester, which falls on October 1st this year. That would be the Sunday after the NATAS announces the News & Documentary Emmy Awards winners, so it would be an appropriately timed topic for a post.
Much to my surprise, Super/Natural beat my picks, Shark Week and Retrograde to win Outstanding Promotional Announcement. I was less surprised to find out that Wildcat took home the Emmy for Outstanding Nature Documentary. As I wrote on International Tiger Day, "I still think it's a contest between Super/Natural and Wildcat. The former has more nominations, but the latter's trailer has a lot more views, which means the show might have more viewers. That could give it an advantage." Apparently, it did, along with Wildcat being a far more human story than Super/Natural. I wasn't sure that would impress the journalists and documentarians as much as it would the Hollywood creatives, but now that it has, I'll remember it the next time I invoke "electorates matter."

I couldn't find an official Twitter image celebrating Wildcat's win, so here's one I whipped up.

Congratulations to both Super/Natural and Wildcat on their Emmy Awards! Now follow over the jump for the squirrel videos I promised.

I begin with Nature on PBS explaining How the Flying Squirrel Soars.

See how this magical little creature is perfectly designed to soar through the air.
This is from the episode "A Squirrel’s Guide to Success," which provides the next clip, Squirrel Obstacle Course.

Squirrel intelligence and agility get put to the test in this obstacle course.
Watching this reminds me that Mark Rober, who I've mentioned twice before, has squirrel obstacle course videos. I might use them next year. Stay tuned to see if I remember.

That's it for this year's Wester. The next fake holiday I celebrate is Norther, which falls on New Year's Eve — double holiday!

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