Sunday, May 5, 2013 article on Dexter cityhood and millages

Cityhood, millages on ballot for Dexter Tuesday
With three issues on the ballot, voters in Dexter have more to decide than the rest of those going to the polls in Washtenaw County this coming Tuesday.  In addition to renewing two millages for Dexter Community Schools, residents of the Village of Dexter plus those in adjacent parts of Scio and Webster Townships will decide whether to continue the process of converting Dexter into a city.
Cityhood is a lot more controversial than the millage proposals.  People want to keep Dexter as a village.  More at the link in the headline.

As you can see, I've resumed writing for  Today was the last day to post an article or I would lose my positions.  I decided that I didn't want that to happen, especially since there would be lots of election results to report Tuesday night.  Besides, I want to keep covering local science.

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