Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finally, Mark Schauer announces his candidacy

It's already time for a follow-up to Endorsements galore for Democratic candidates at

Mark Schauer declared his candidacy for Governor on Facebook and Twitter Tuesday.
Schauer declares 'he's in' the race for Michigan Governor
Former U.S. Representative Mark Schauer ended months of speculation Tuesday morning by declaring on Facebook and Twitter that he was running for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2014.

Schauer's announcement on both social media platforms read, "I’m in! Today I’m announcing my campaign for governor. I’m ready to run, I’m ready to work & I’m ready to win."
Schauer wasted no time in attacking Governor Snyder's record.   Within a half hour of declaring his candidacy, Schauer tweeted, "Rick Snyder has taken Michigan in the wrong direction - cutting schools & raising taxes on seniors."  A half hour later, he  continued the attack with "Snyder just doesn't get it. It's time to start protecting Michigan's middle class."

In contrast, Schauer tweeted that Michigan needed "an economy that works for everyone — not just the wealthy and not just the special interests."
Schauer's candidacy takes care of a situation Nate Silver pointed out in Which Governors Are Most Vulnerable in 2014?
Mr. Scott, Mr. Corbett, Mr. LePage and Mr. Snyder — lead states that were carried by President Obama in both 2008 and 2012. All were helped by favorable political winds in 2010 that no longer blow so hard.
Mr. Snyder is in a slightly less precarious position in Michigan. His net job approval rating is negative, but in the single digits. The Rothenberg report rates the race as a tossup, but Michigan is rated as leaning Republican by Sabato’s Crystal Ball and as likely Republican by the Cook report. Part of the reason for Mr. Snyder’s relative strength is the lack of significant opposition. No prominent Democrat has announced an intention to run, but if one did, Mr. Snyder’s chances could certainly diminish.
That's now changed.  Schauer counts as a "prominent Democrat" and promises to be "significant opposition."  In fact, his support on Facebook is growing rapidly.  From the article:
Schauer saw rapid growth in his support on his campaign's Facebook page.  By noon, about three hours after declaring his candidacy, his page had 1,000 likes.  At 3:26 P.M, his page hit 2,000 likes.   Between 10:00 P.M and 11:00 P.M. it passed 3,000 likes.  Just before midnight, it exceeded 3,500.
I'm excited already, and the election isn't for a year and a half.

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  1. I would never vote for this man. He was my congress man and hid like a coward and lied like a rug. The Democratic party deserves better.
    I found an article that hits the nail on the head with Mark.