Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mood of Detroit survey

WXYZ has two reports.  The first explores the most important issues to Detroit, the appointment of the Emergency Financial Manager, and Governor Snyder's performance.

Note that the residents of Detroit care more about crime than the city's finances and really can't stand Snyder.  Defeating Snyder will depend heavily on getting Detroiters to the polls next year.  In 2010, Detroiters didn't turn out, allowing a sweep of statewide offices by Republicans, including Snyder.  For Schauer (or whoever is the Democratic nominee) to win, Detroiters must vote in 2014.

The second explores a number of other issues, including the importance of the mayor and performance of Detroit City Council.

Looks like city services, including police, will be a big issue in this November's municipal election, which could be a "throw the bums out" one if the residents' mood stays the same through November.  Also, note the reporter's comment that "eyes across the country are watching."  As I've been saying for more than two years, the solutions devised here for North America's problems will be exported, including the bad ones.  Looks like that's already coming true.

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