Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sandy six months later from The Weather Channel

Monday marked six months to the day since Hurricane Sandy made landfall.  The Weather Channel, which had its third-highest daily viewership that day, capitalized on the occasion by following up on how New York and New Jersey were recovering.

First, showing that no story is too small, here is a report about a photographer who is helping residents reconstruct their photo albums: Restoring Memories After Sandy.

Photographer, Allie Smith, helps some New York City families rebuild their lives one picture at a time.
I should not have been surprised that Allie Smith was working with Occupy Sandy, but I was, pleasantly.

Going from Occupy Sandy to one of the usual sources, Rebuilding After Sandy consists of an interview with Mary Christie, First Lady of New Jersey.

New Jersey First Lady Mary Christie talks about the rebuilding of New Jersey six months after super-storm Sandy devastated the east coast.
Finally, a story close to my heart and interests, The New York Aquarium Reopens.

New York Aquarium is ready to reopen 6 months after hurricane Sandy.
I take comfort from the Aquarium re-opening.

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