Wednesday, May 8, 2013 article on Dexter cityhood and Washtenaw County millage elections

Dexter cityhood, millage proposals pass
Voters in Dexter approved cityhood in a close, relatively high turnout contest.  Unofficial results from Washtenaw County, show that the proposal passed with 460 yes votes (53%) to 408 no votes (47%) with a turnout of 28.68% in Precinct 1 of Scio Township and 16.70% in Precinct 3 of Webster Township.  These figures made Dexter cityhood both the closest and the highest turnout question on Washtenaw County ballots today.

The yes vote allows the incorporation of Dexter into a Home Rule City to continue.  The next step will be the election of a Charter Commission, which will draft the proposed city's charter.

Elsewhere in Washtenaw County, turnout was much lower, with only 5007 (12.28%) of the 40,760 registered voters in the jurisdictions voting tonight turning out.  Despite the low turnout, all millages on the ballot were renewed.  The bonding proposal for Plymouth-Canton Community Schools also passed, although it lost in the Washtenaw County portion of the district.
I can take comfort in both my ability to write for Examiner being extended and in the voters in my former county of residence voting, sometimes overwhelmingly, against austerity.

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