Thursday, May 30, 2013

WXYZ on the Flint tornadoes

In WOOD-TV on the Flint tornadoes, I made a promise.
WXYZ also reported on the storms.  I'll have an entry featuring their coverage later.
It's later.  Time to follow through.

WXYZ began their coverage at dawn with Powerful storm causes damage in Goodrich.

Note that the reporter located Goodrich as being close to Grand Blanc, where the tornado our daughter alerted my wife and me to touched down.  It looks like this was the damage from that tornado.

Later in the day, WXYZ caught up with WOOD-TV's reporting that there were six tornadoes.  Here is the overview segment from what looks like the noon newscast: Damage in Fenton Township from tornado.

I'm glad Mrs. Smith was able to find her wedding ring on the Smiths' 33rd wedding anniversary.

Follow over the jump for more coverage from WXYZ.

This next video shows the Smiths' house from the air and the Smiths salvaging their belongings.  Note the downed trees in addition to the missing roof and walls.

As if that wasn't enough, Tornado hits Fenton, causes damage includes an interview with the Smiths' neighbors across the street.

The city of Fenton is cleaning up after a tornado slammed into the town.
The next video, and the most viewed of the ones WXYZ has posted to their YouTube channel so far, is Tornado damage in Genesee County, which shows raw areal footage of a leveled home.

The wooden floor is now a wooden roof.  At least the walk-out basement survived.

A second video of the same home identifies it as also located in Goodrich.  This clip moves from the house to the pool.

Enough of the raw footage from the air.  WXYZ sent another reporter to the area, who examined the damage to another part of the Flint area in Recovering in Genesee and Atlas Township.

It looks like the final woman interviewed is the owner of the house shown in the two videos immediately above this one and possibly the very first one from early yesterday morning.  Even WXYZ could sense the irony of someone moving out of Tornado Alley and then getting hit by a twister.

Finally, after seeing all the destruction shown in the videos from both WOOD-TV and WXYZ, I'm amazed that no one was reported injured.  I can take comfort in that, as did a lot of the people interviewed.


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