Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The corner station returns to form in the local gas war

In Corner station surprises in gas war plus bonus "big gas" commercial, I described how things were the reverse of normal in the local gas war.
Yesterday, I dr[o]ve by the corner station and they dropped their price to $3.75 from $3.84.  Even more surprising, it was selling gas for less than the three stations down the street, which were all at $3.79.  Usually it's the corner station that leads in raising prices, not lowering them.
That's where prices remained all weekend long.  This morning, prices finally moved, returning the situation to normal.

The corner station once again raised its price for regular to $3.99, just as it had a couple of weeks ago.  The three stations down the block also raised their prices to $3.85, just about where they were at the same time.  Once again, the corner station had charged out into No Man's Land and were going to have to retreat into the trenches.  By this evening, that happened with the corner station matching the other three stations' price of $3.85.

It's really comforting to watch price competition working to keep my transportation costs down.

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