Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nablopomo for May: Comfort

And this month's theme is...

A warm sweater, the softest blanket, a good book, hot chocolate, your puppy's head resting on your leg, a baby sleeping in your arms: comfort is about reaching that space in your soul where you feel weighted and content. Where you know where you belong and you can recharge there before facing the uncertainties of the world.

This month, we're going to explore what brings you comfort and how you move through those uncomfortable spaces to get back inside your comfort zone. We're going to challenge you to think of ways of offering comfort to others, and we're going to help you reflect on what works to bring you comfort. Most of all, in this crazy, uncertain world, we're going to take a moment to pause and wrap ourselves figuratively in the most comfortable bed linens and deep breathe for a moment.
The notice I received in my email was even more specific.
The world can be a scary place, which is why it's important to find and use sources of comfort.  Taking a night to sit in sweats and watch your favourite television show does more than allow you to relax; it helps you to recharge so you can keep leaving your comfort zone and doing the hard work of repairing the world.

We're going to ask you to look at ways you give and receive comfort this month.  We'll trade favourite recipes, admit whether we still sleep with stuffed animals, and create an enormous, crowd-sourced playlist of the best songs to bring comfort.
Books, food, kids, television, and music--all are topics for which I already have labels.  With that range of possiblities, I don't think I'll need to use the prompts.  That written, this month's theme might run at cross-purposes to the general tone of the blog, which is about how scary and uncomfortable the world really is and what to do about it.  However, the whole idea of 'recharging so I can keep leaving my comfort zone and do the hard work of repairing the world' really appeals to me.
So start thinking about what brings you comfort and sign up for May's NaBloPoMo.
Oh, I am and I have.

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