Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Corner station advances to $4.00, then immediately retreats

Welcome to another installment of the ride on the gas price rollercoaster!  I hope you all enjoy the image I found for this series, which came from here.

In Refinery issues change battlefield in gas price war, I predicted that gas would briefly hit $4.00/gallon by July 4th.  Yesterday morning, the corner station tried to get there before Memorial Day, by raising its price for regular to $3.99 and for premium to $4.09.  The three stations down the block held steady at $3.84 for regular.  As soon as I saw that, I knew that the corner station was once again charging No Man's Land and would retreat back into its trench.  It took less time that I thought.  This evening, the corner station once again matched its neighbors at $3.84.

I still think gas will get to $4.00 by July 4th at all stations and stay there for about a week, but I don't have say that gas will reach that price level this summer.  It already has.  I can take perverse comfort in my prediction of gas reaching $4.00 this year coming true, if a bit prematurely.

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