Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nablopomo for April: Scandal

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month?


You may have heard that a certain Kerry Washington is going to be at the BlogHer conference this year, and in honour of her keynote, we've made the April theme scandalous. After all, who doesn't like to bite into a big, juicy transgression. I mean, as the audience, that is. It's not quite as titillating to be at the center of the incident.

What is our obsession with scandals? Why do we love to see people fall off their pedestal? Why do we work so hard to cover up our foibles instead of admitting to them and moving on? And yes, it's time to spill, what's the most scandalous thing you've ever done?
That's actually the prompt for today, "What's the most scandalous thing you've ever done?"  The answer depends on whether it's the most inherently scandalous thing, regardless of whether ot not it actually did result in a scandal, or what actually resulted in a public stink.  If it's the former, well, who am I to confess to something I got away with without repercussions to my reputation?  If it's the second, it would be what led up to my swatting a hornet with protection from one of the provisions of the Communications Decency Act.  That did result in quite a stink, but in the long run, I got off relatively unscathed.  I should consider myself lucky.

Enough of me.  What about the rest of the message from the BlogHer website?
Don't worry; we know that everything lives forever on the Internet, so we've given you a lot of space to talk about other people's scandals rather than dishing on your own.
This gives me a good excuse to write more about Fat Bastard and other political scandals.  I might take that opportunity.

Now, what does the email say about the theme?
Everyone Loves a Scandal

In honour of Kerry Washington's upcoming appearance at BlogHer '14, we've made the April theme for NaBloPoMo scandalous. Oh yes, we are going to reminisce about scandals past (there are so many politicians and celebrities to choose from!) and talk about how we think we'd deal with scandals present. We'll talk frankly about Internet drama, and whether there's a double standard when it comes to men and women and scandals. This is a month of exploring your morals as well as musing aloud on why we love to see other people in hot water.
Now, that's an interesting take on the subject.  I'll see if I can weave that into my entries.

Finally, both the email and the website urge people to sign up. First, the email admonishes "It will be scandalous if you don't sign up for April's NaBloPoMo!"  The website is less judgmental. "Sign up for April's NaBloPoMo and get ready for something scandalous."  I did sign up and Crazy Eddie's Motie News is number 21 out of 58 signed up so far.

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