Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Student sustainability video festival 21: Extreme weather

I submitted my grades last night two days ahead of schedule, so it's time to suspend the series I resumed with Student sustainability video festival 19: Singing Honey Bees and continued with Student sustainability video festival 20: Sodastream commercial.  Following is the video from one of the students' two favorite talks, which was about cryoseisms or icequakes.  This isn't an icequake, but an ice heave.  It's followed by a summary of a day's extreme weather from this time last year.

ABC News via YoutubesBestVideos: Creeping Wall Of Ice Destroys Homes In Canada Extreme Weather: A Giant Mass of Ice.

Here's the followup from ABC News explaining the event and showing the damage from another ice heave in Canada: 'Ice Tsunami' Video, Photos: Wall of Ice Rises Out of Lake, Destroys Homes.

A tsunami-like wave of ice called an ice heave destroyed a dozen two-story homes in Minnesota.
As I wrote at the end of May 2011, I know weather isn't climate, but check out these videos!

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