Monday, April 21, 2014

Twins on Earth and Space

I'm going to have something serious in the morning.  Tonight, I present two stories on twins from Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday (Kepler-186f).  First, University of Cincinnati brings the news about twins on Earth in Double the PharmD(NA) in 2014 Pharmacy School Class posted April 17, 2014.
To the best of recollections, there's never been a set of twins graduate from the James L. College of Pharmacy, so it's a pretty safe bet that 2014 is the first year the college will graduate two sets: identical twins Kayla and Michelle McWilliams and fraternal twins Ameera and Jameela Aladimi- all of whom will receive their PharmD degrees on April 27.

"We make independent decisions, but a lot of times we still wind up in the same place," Kayla McWilliams says of their choice to carry on a family tradition and attend pharmacy school at UC.
Next, Science at NASA talks about twins in space in ScienceCasts: Separated at Launch.

Next year, with the assistance of the world's only twin astronauts, NASA will conduct an unprecedented experiment in human biology. While one twin remains on the ground, the other will circle Earth onboard the International Space Station for a full year. Will the twins still be identical when they are re-united? The answer could help NASA make space travel safer for generations of astronauts to come.
Here's to these three sets of twins contributing to health, science, and space.

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