Thursday, May 15, 2014

Driving update for May 2014: Ruby

Last month, it was Driving update for April 2014: Yuki.  This month, it's time for an update to Second driving update for December 2013: Other car, as Ruby rolled over 87,000 miles today.  Since the previous update was on Boxing Day, that means that it took 140 days for my wife's car to go 1,000 miles.  Amazingly, that's exactly how long it took the last time, resulting in an average of 7.14 miles/day and 217.9 miles/month.  Hey, look, absolutely no change!  When I wrote "Ruby's statistics should be interesting to see when she turns over the next 1000 miles," I had no idea they would be interesting because nothing had changed.

I also wrote "Even more interesting will be the total of both cars, as that's the stat that's really important."  Yuki turned over her previous 1000 miles must a week before Yuki, and it was during a week when I hardly drove, so I'll assume I drove the full 1000 after I came home from Chicago.  Also, I drove another 400 miles since the last update on my car, so I'll add that to the total.  Then subtract the 130 miles I counted in the previous joint update.  The result is that my wife and I drove our cars a total of 2270 miles in 140 days, for an average of 16.2 miles per day and 494.4 miles/month.  That is 2.9 miles per day and 87.3 miles per month less than the 19.1 miles per day and 581.7 miles per month I reported in December.  It's also less than the 16.75 miles per day and 510.8 miles per month we drove the last time I did these calculations.  Good, we're doing our part in driving less.

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