Friday, May 23, 2014

Neanderthals knew how to boil their food

I can go back in time for food news more ancient than The ancient Egyptians ate their vegetables.  How about the Paleolithic, as Dan Vergano of National Geographic News asked Hot Stew in the Ice Age? Evidence Shows Neanderthals Boiled Food.
An ancient diet expert suggests our early cousins knew how to boil their meals.

Neanderthal cooking likely wouldn't have won any prizes on Top Chef, but a paleontologist suggests that our ancient cousins knew how to cook a mean stew, without even a stone pot to their name.

"I think it's pretty likely the Neanderthals boiled," said University of Michigan paleontologist John Speth at a recent meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Austin, Texas. "They were around for a long time, and they were very clever with fire."
Boiling water, so easy even a Caveman could do it!

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