Monday, May 26, 2014

Science of beer and hot dogs for Memorial Day

I posted my serious entry about the holiday with Silent images for Memorial Day 2014.  Now it's time for something more fun.  How about some beer and hot dogs?  Discovery News presents videos about the science of both.

First, Why Does Beer Foam?

We've known for awhile that when beer is poured, gases dissolve and make tiny bubbles that create a foam at the top of the drink! Now, scientists have found the secret as to why it is so thick and can last so long. Watch as Trace explains what makes the perfect foam.
Trace isn't kidding about how long a beer head can last.  When I was still living in Los Angeles more than 25 years ago, I was drinking a Guiness at Molly Malone's, a bar so Irish that it was used as a location for Patriot Games, a Tom Clancy movie involving the IRA.  The musician who was playing there needed someone to move his equipment from the bar he'd played at the night before, so I volunteered.  I left my beer behind.  When I returned an hour later, the beer was still there, head still standing.  Since it was a Guiness, it was just as good at room temperature as it was cold, if not better.  I was lucky my drinking buddies respected my drink and the servers let it stay there for my return.

Next, What's REALLY in Hot Dogs?

Hot dogs are a popular summertime food when you're out grilling with your friends and family. But what's really inside hot dogs? Trace is joined by Will Johnson to discuss the history of the frankfurter, and how you might want to think twice before consuming one.
On second thought, I'll skip the hot dogs.  Good thing I have a couple of nice kabobs to grill today.

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