Friday, August 15, 2014

2014 Green Cruise and Ferndale Dream Cruise

I concluded WXYZ on Thursday at the 2014 Dream Cruise with this promise.
Stay tuned for more, including coverage of the Green Cruise from Crystal Proxmire of Oakland County One-Fifteen.
Time to make good on that promise, beginning with this video 2014 Green Cruise from Crystal Proxmire.

For more, read Crystal's story 2014 Green Cruise Encourages People to Think About the Planet.  Also read her announcement of Dream Cruise proper, Ferndale Dream Cruise Celebrate 20 Years, Aug. 14-16.  As for the promise I made last year to participate in this year's Green Cruise, that didn't happen because I thought Dream Cruise was next week.  Oops.  I'll see if I can make the third time the charm in 2015.

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