Friday, August 1, 2014

Nablopomo for August: Mnemonic

First, the email announcing this month's theme.
It's time to dive into our memories. This month's NaBloPoMo theme is MNEMONIC, so we're looking at how we remember and why we remember. How our brain decides what it wants to forget, and how we can hold onto the thoughts we want to keep.

It's also back-to-school time, and even if you're no longer on a school schedule, it's hard to shake that desire to get your ducks in a row by the middle of August. By crowdsourcing ideas on how we organize our thoughts so we don't forget future items on our to-do lists or blog post ideas we want to write, everyone can go into the fall feeling as if their memories are under their control.
The blog post has a more succinct summary but that came after a really long introduction that I'm skipping.
This month, we're going to take a look at our memories: how we remember what we want to remember, and how often we're dipping backward for post ideas rather than processing the present or looking to the future. But moreover, we're going to talk about the methods -- such as the bullet journal -- we use to remember, and we'll hopefully be able to crowdsource advice that will help us feel organized as we head into a new school year.
Even after three years of blogging here, I still have lots of relevant memories and stories to share.  I also find that I use this blog as a way to store information for my classes, both as a way of storing videos and images that I want to use in my classes for the future and a way to share the material I've already shown my students.  I'll have no problem blogging using both as sources of inspiration for blogging this month.  Besides, there's always the prompts.

Now to combine the mail and the blog post.
"I know it's summer and your brain is more on the beach than writing, but you'll thank me this fall when you put to use all the ideas you'll glean from this month's NaBloPoMo. Hope you'll join along."

"Sign up for August's NaBloPoMo and let's help each other remember"
I already did.

Finally, since this is a science-fiction themed blog, I'm going to make the obvious connection between the blog's theme and the month's theme.

Yes, I went there.

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