Sunday, August 3, 2014

Forgotten Harvest's farm

The big local environmental story of the day is the algal contamination of Toledo's water supply.  It's right up my alley, but I'm in an "I can't be all DOOM all the time" mood, so I'll concentrate on something more positive that fits in this month's theme about memory by my using this blog as a reminder of material to use in my classes.  In this case, it's WXYZ posting Forgotten Harvest, which fits right in with At least Detroit has great charities.

I mentioned Forgotten Harvest before in Detroit Zoo director's salary goes up along with zoo's rating as a charity.
The local charities ranked higher than the zoo are Helping Hand for Relief and Development in first with a score of 69.25, Forgotten Harvest in second with a score of 67.82, Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society in third with a score of 67.73, and American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association in fourth with a score of 67.35.  Among the local organizations my students would write about for their assignments, that places the zoo in third behind Forgotten Harvest and the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society.  That's something to be proud of.
Now I have a positive video to show my students about a top-rated local environmental charity.  Cool.  Also, I have something more up to date than the promotional video of Greening of Detroit in Student sustainability video festival, part 2: Greening of Detroit.  I was getting a bit bored with it.

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